• OpenVZ Virtualization
    • Full root Access
    • Instant Setup (where applicable)
    • Reinstall or change OS on-demand
    • Start, Stop, Reboot
    • Bandwidth tracking and graphing
    • Intuitive Server Control Center
    • Zero-downtime Upgrades/Downgrades
    • RAID Edition SATA RAID 10 Arrays

    We Got Em!

    Linux VPS Web Hosting OS Options

    Choose from several different Linux OS options including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and more!



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    cPanel VPSLooking for a Control Panel? VPSCOLO provides cPanel licensing for any of our VPS plans VPS512 and higher!

    Virtual Private Server ManagerManage everything from the web!VPSCOLO provides a convenient web based support and server manager!!

    VPS MonitoringNeed Server Monitoring? NEW!Purchase SolarRAY, our inhouse server monitoring system!

  • Enterprise VPS Hosting Features
    Enterprise Class Bandwidth Providers

    No matter which data facility you choose, VPSCOLO provides premium Tier 1 bandwidth to all customers.

    cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin
    Add a Control Panel

    Looking to host a few domains? Add cPanel and make managing your server a breeze.

    VPS rDNS Management
    Reverse DNS Management

    Tired of asking your provider for rDNS record updates?. Manage your own rDNS from our VPSADMIN panel!

  • VPS Remote Management, SSH Access
    Remote Management

    Via SSH, Remote Desktop and our VPSADMIN panel, you know that management of your server is only a few clicks away.

    VPS Data Center - New Jersey or Los Angeles
    Choice of Data Centers: LA or NJ

    No matter which data facility you choose, VPSCOLO provides premium Tier 1 bandwidth to all customers.

    Enterprise VPS Hardware
    Enterprise Class Hardware

    We don't build cheap servers. All of our servers are professionally assembled from only the highest quality components.

  • Easily Scale Your Virtual Private Server
    Unparalleled Scalability

    Upgrade, downgrade, reboot, monitor, reinstall... Make critical changes to your server on-the-fly!

    Dedicated Resources for Your VPS
    Dedicated Resources

    Dedicated CPU, RAM and disk. Don't share what is yours. Our automation systems ensure that you get what you pay for.

    Choose of Linux Distro for your Vortual Private Servers
    Choose Your Linux Distro

    You want it, we got it. CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. Run the Linux distro of your choice!


VS256 from $5/mo

256 MB 512 MB 10 GB 250 GB SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!

VS512 from $15/mo

512 MB 1024 MB 25 GB 500 GB SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!

from $25/mo

768 MB 1.5 GB 25 GB 500 GB SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!

from $35/mo

1024 MB 2 GB 25 GB 500 GB SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!
Which Data Center is best for your VPS? Choose NJ if most of your users are on the East Coast of the US or in Europe. Choose LA if your users are in the West Coast or Asia Pacific regions.
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Where We Came From

VPSCOLO is known to some as the managed sister brand to JVDS.com. VPSCOLO was originally launched as an managed cPanel VPS brand in January of 2003. Utilizing User-mode Linux "UML" virtualization, VPSCOLO quickly became the brand of choice for unmanaged cPanel VPS.

Where We Are Now

Today, VPSCOLO has been reinvented as the Linux Only unmanaged VPS brand to parent company Solar VPS. VPSCOLO and sister brand JVDS (offering exclusively Windows VPS), are now powered by OpenVZ and Xen, which utilize our automated billing and provisioning system called VPSADMIN (http://billing.vpsadmin.net).

What We Can Do

VPSADMIN allows us to provide a fully automated platform to power and support our unmanaged Linux and Windows VPS customers. Customers can open and manage support tickets, order package upgrades and/or downgrades in addition to managing IP addresses, reverse DNS, VPS Operating System, backups and more.

What We Offer

We use only the highest quality hardware and network for VPSCOLO. Our VPS nodes are powered by top quality Supermicro dual quad core Xeon processors with 16-32GB of RAM and LSI hardware RAID 10 disk arrays. We also provide premium bandwidth on all of our VPSCOLO plans, something that most unmanaged VPS providers do not!

If you are on a tight budget and looking for the highest quality unmanaged virtual server provider, look no further! VPSCOLO is your new home.

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VPS Hosting New Jersey

New Jersey Network Information

speed testTest IP:
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With the most extensive optical metro network in the world, data centers throughout the US and Europe, top quality managed services and a high performance IP network, the 100 Delawanna (FortressITX) network is able to offer the most flexible and complete data exchange solutions in the industry. The 100 Delawanna Ave. facility has a 100% optical network that enables customers to create an efficient, cost-effective network that brakes economic and performance barriers imposed in the last mile by complex legacy telecom infrastructures.

Network Features

  • Redundant Routing
  • Scalability
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Enterprise Class Bandwidth
  • Immediate Response

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What virtualization technologies do you use?
A. We currently utilize OpenVZ and will soon be offering Xen.

Q. Do you provide instant provisioning?
A. If your order passes the initial fraud check, your VPS should be setup immediately in most circumstances. We also reserve the right to later suspend your VPS if we suspect that any part of your transaction may be fraudulent. One thing to remember, if you don't get what you expected, send us an email! Patience is a virtue and a little patience goes a long way. If there are problems, we?ll try to help you solve them!

Q. Do you have a self-service portal?
A. Yes! Our portal is called VPSADMIN and is used to control your subscription, receive support, manage your server and more.

Q. What VPS features do you support in your self-service portal?
A. Stop, Start, Reboot and Reinstall. You can also monitor bandwidth, make changes to rDNS, change your hostname, make backups, change your root pass and login via the console session.

Q. How many IPs can I buy for my VPS?
A. We allow up to a maximum of 4 IPs per VPS. Under some circumstances we may allow more but this rarely happens.

Q. What Linux distributions do you offer?
A. We offer 32bit and 64bit versions of the following: CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo.

Q. Do you offer 24x7 support?
A. Of course! Keep in mind that VPSCOLO is an unmanaged VPS brand so the support we offer is limited. You can contact us via our online help desk found at (https://billing.vpsadmin.net) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any of the following: Network issues and Server outages (where you cannot boot or reboot it).

Q. What are your sales and billing hours?
A. Sales and billing are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm Eastern time.

Q. What if I have a sales and/or billing related issue and your sales/billing departments are closed?
A. Open a ticket! If your issue is truly an emergency then one of our engineers will attempt to reach one of our sales/billing staff members to assist you. If we do not get back to you until sales/billing reopen, please DO NOT BE UPSET! We have families and lives just like you and just like you, we need rest too :)

Q. Can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS?
A. Absolutely! Upgrades and downgrades require our billing department approval but once done can be done without rebooting your server (OpenVZ only, Xen requires a reboot).

Q. Do you provide an SLA?
A. No and here is why. VPSCOLO is a highly cost-effective VPS brand. If you know anything about us, you know that we also run SolarVPS.com and that we take our VPS service very seriously. VPSCOLO runs on the same network backbone, network hardware and server hardware that operates Solar VPS. That means you are getting premium service at a very low cost. We could give you an SLA but seriously, what's the point? Maintaining uptime is already one of the most important parts of our business. We work night and day to keep our network and servers working pristinely. Chances are, you'll see little to no downtime with VPSCOLO!

Q. Do you offer backups?
A. Well we'd be crazy not to! You can make a Quick Backup of your system at any time. This type of backup is delivered to you directly within your VPS. We also keep disaster recovery backups of all of our VPS nodes. Finally, all servers utilize RAID10 disk arrays for redundancy and protection!

Q. Where are your data centers located?
A. East Coast and West Coast. More specifically, 110A Meadowlands Parkway, Secaucus, New Jersey and 600 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California.

Q. How many virtual machines are loaded onto each hardware node?
A. Well that all depends on the size of the virtual machines on the node so it ranges from machine to machine. We do not over-commit our machines so you can rest assured that your server will always operate beautifully.

Q. Do you provide console access to my virtual machine?
A. Yes! Our VPSADMIN VPS control panel has this feature built in.

Q. How are you affiliated with Solar VPS?
A. Think of it like this. VPSCOLO is the new baby and Solar VPS is the baby daddy! No but seriously, Solar VPS is our managed VPS brand offering both Windows and Linux virtual servers. VPSCOLO is strictly unmanaged Linux VPS.

Q. I can't stand Linux! Do you offer Windows?
A. Yes! We love Windows too. Check out the VPSCOLO sister brand JVDS.com!

Q. I cannot manage a server to save my life. Do you offer managed services?
A. Yes! We offer fully managed VPS on our SolarVPS.com brand! Come check it out! We have Windows VPS and Linux VPS

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